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Dream Sessions

Live the life you dream of for you & your family. 

Life comes at us quickly, and if you wait for that perfect timing, and those perfect conditions, you will inevitably find yourself drifting through life while just surviving from day-to-day and year-to-year. And then one day you will look up and realize that your children are grown and gone, and that those "someday" dreams that you had when you were younger, and had all that time/life ahead of you, have passed you by.
We all have seen that story play out too many times.
But that doesn't have to be your story!!!

You do not have to let the challenges of  the past continue to hold you back in. Below is a brief overview of a gameplan to take control of your life and move forward confidently into the next 12 months. 

Dream Session Overview

Step 1: Schedule a 90-minute Dream Session

Contact Shane to schedule your 90-minute session. Sessions can be conducted in person, over the phone, or via video conferencing. 

Step 2: Shane will send you a one page pre-session form

This will help both of us get mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepared for the session. 

Step 3: 90-minute session with Shane

Get ready for a powerful hour and a half of laser focused discussion, planning, dreaming, goal setting and praying around where God is leading you to go with your life in the next 12 months. The specific topic(s) are up to you, and could include areas of life such as career, marriage, parenting, health, faith, etc. I have worked with hundreds of clients on topics such as these, and each session is custom designed to specifically help you advance on your journey.
While this is being called a "dream session" our work together will include much more than simply dreaming about the future. Dreaming is essential to the process, but it is the goal setting and specific action-steps that take the dream and make it a reality. We will be covering a lot of ground in these 90 minutes!

Step 4: Schedule quarterly check-ins

Have you ever experienced the excitement and burst of energy attained from attending a good workshop or seminar? How did that carry over a week, or two weeks later? That initial burst fades over time, doesn't it? This is the same phenomenon that we see with New Year's resolutions. Gyms are typically packed in January with people who are ready to start healthy habits in the new year, but come February (and certainly by March) the gyms are back to their pre-resolution levels. That initial inspiration fades, and excuses seep in and compound to the point where the goals are abandoned for another year.
Part of my process in working with you is to ensure that I provide that ongoing support designed to help keep you motivated, focused and accountable. We also recognize that circumstances can change throughout the year, and the quarterly check-ins are a perfect opportunity to stop and assess the current landscape--and to adjust goals/action-steps accordingly. 

Step 5: Live the life you dream of

If you are committed to doing the work (following through with the action-steps, timelines and approaches that we identify) and if you trust the process, I guarantee that you will see the fruits of your labor.
Life is too precious and too short to simply drift and wait for "someday"...take action and passionately pursue the aspects of life that God is putting on your heart. THIS is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!


The Dream Sessions packages are $500, due at the time of booking. Dream Sessions include:
  • 15 minute initial conversation with Shane
  • Pre-session form
  • 90-minute "Dream Session"
  • Four quarterly check-in sessions (45 minutes each)
  • Access to ongoing email, text, short phone/video call support from Shane throughout the year 

Today can be the day to take that next step in life. Contact me to get going towards a fresh start, and to turn those dreams into reality!!!

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