Serving Churches

Life coaching has proven to be an incredibly effective method for helping people achieve their goals in life. Christian life coaching takes all of the techniques and successful components of life coaching, and adds the most important element to the mix — Faith!


“Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain.” (Psalm 127:1)

In an attempt to better connect with, and serve, churches -- and as a means to be able to reach a wider range of people -- I have developed this program to help facilitate those relationships. The coaching style and impact remains the same, but through these church programs the expense for the client to work with a certified professional life coach is removed from the equation, as the church agrees to pay a monthly amount to partner with Coach Shane in offering Christian life coaching to its members. 


There is a significant difference between what I do and what a typical secular life coach does. Jesus Christ is, and remains, at the heart/center of the coaching. In a practical sense, this means that I pray with/for clients, reference Bible verses that relate to the topic we are working on as a source of ongoing motivation/inspiration, and utilize lessons & stories from Scripture to help relate to the client’s situation. In short, Christian life coaching takes life coaching to a while new level — a higher one!

Examples of Topics That I Have Experience Coaching Clients on Include:

*Writing personal mission/vision statements to help guide their journey through life

*Exploring the desire for a career change (and walking through process if they do want to pursue)

*Young adult life journey topics (career planning, purpose, direction, relationships, goals, etc.)

*Understanding what it means to be a Christian spouse, and excelling in that role

*Understanding what it means to be a Christian parent, and excelling in that role

*Workplace goals & efficiency

*Home/Work balance and identifying, defining and living out priorities

*Personal goals (losing weight, finances, getting promotion to a certain position, etc.)

*Getting going and moving forward when feeling “stuck”

*Personal faith journey/growth

*Quarterly check in or “tune up” session to have a general coaching conversation

*Couples coaching (variety of topics pertaining to marriage, parenting, life, etc.)

*Leadership development/growth

*Business expansion

*Brainstorming sessions

*Workplace team building/group synergy

*Strategies for overcoming procrastination (and applying it to their specific situation)

As you can see, there really are a wide range of topics where working with a life coach can be helpful. And, not just a life coach, but a Christian life coach. I often say that as a coach I can help people get from where they are to where they want to be, but that as a Christian coach (through God’s grace/blessings, and by the power of the Holy Spirit) I can help them get to where God wants them to be. An important distinction!

Program Options

I am happy to team up with each individual church to create a program that best fits your needs!

With that said, two common options are briefly presented below for your reference:

Specific Days At Your Church

With this type of program, Coach Shane 

would be physically present at your

church on specific days each month.

In these cases, churches announce the day(s) to their congregation, and then members are free to schedule their sessions with Coach Shane.

Ongoing Availability

Some churches like being able to offer Christian life coaching services to their members throughout the month

as another resource to help them

continue to grow/achieve/succeed

through the daily journey of life.

In these ongoing program situations, church members are free to schedule sessions either in-person, over the phone, or via online video conferencing at days/times that best fit their schedules.

Certainly other program options are available for discussion/consideration as well.

What would fit well for your church?