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What Lies Within You?

February 6, 2016


“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


Life is a journey, and each one of us is on our own unique path.


What lies behind us – is in the past. While it can be helpful to reflect upon where we have been, and what we have learned from past experiences, it doesn’t do us any good to get hung up on something that has taken place in the past. The past is done, and no amount of 20/20 hindsight will allow us to go back and relive any moment (good or bad). Dwelling too much on the past only limits our present and clouds our vision for the future.


What lies before of us – is in the future. It is important to have a vision for where we are going in life, and to set specific goals for the dreams that we aspire to achieve in the future. But, as is the case with the past, we are not physically living in the future and no amount of preparation can impact events that we have not yet reached on our journey. We need to be patient for when those crucial moments do come. Spending too much time preparing for an event in the future cheats us from our present moments, and from living and enjoying them to the fullest.


What lies within us – this is the key to our present (and future) success and happiness. If we spend the appropriate amount of time reflecting on the past and learning the lessons that this reflection provides us, and if we spend the appropriate amount of time dreaming about the future while “vision casting” for what those moments can look like for us, then we are right where we need to be to be successful in the present while also being prepared to succeed into the future – come what may.


But what does, “what lies within us” truly mean? Life Coaches believe that what lies within us is the right “stuff” for each person. The Coach and Client relationship is unique in the service industry because the Coach helps the Client unlock their inner thoughts, strengths, and dreams – rather than being the expert and telling, or teaching, the Client what they should be doing. The Client is the expert in their own life!

We know what lies behind us. We may have an idea of what lies before us. But, in reality, those are indeed tiny matters compared to what lies within us. If we know what lies within us we will be able to not just survive but thrive no matter what comes our way.


So, what lies within you?


If you are not sure, or if you want to change some aspect of what lies within in you, consider working with a Life Coach. Life Coaches are trained in conversational techniques, the knowledge of how to ask powerful questions, and offer “mental exercises” that will enable their clients to think clearly and deeply about what lies within them. Coaches are then able to walk with their Clients offering encouragement, support, and accountability that helps the Client establish and maintain a firm foundation that will allow them to confidently approach the present, and the future, knowing with certainty what lies within them.


Once we know what lies within us, our life journeys become a beautiful symphony of love and light! May you embrace that light in your life, and know that you already have everything that you need – it’s been lying within you all along.


Godspeed as you continue on your life journey!





Shane Hansen, Christian Life Coach, LLC

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