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A Day In June

June 5, 2016

“And what is so rare as a day in June?” –James Russell Lowell


What indeed? As we soak in the month of June I ask you to pause for a moment and reflect upon how rare a day in June really is.


Our yearly calendar is comprised of 60 second minutes, 60 minute hours, 24 hour days, seven day weeks, four week months, 12 total months, 52 total weeks, and 365 total days. In a society that measures time so precisely, what makes a day in June any rarer than a day in one of the other months? June has 30 days, just as three other months do. February has 28 days (29 in leap years) so technically, from strictly a time management standpoint, days in February are rarer than days in June. But our human hearts and souls don’t function in “technical” terms.


So what does make days in June so special?

*Is it the immense beauty we see in nature?

*Are our hearts light with the freedom of summer vacations?

*Is it the joy that comes from all of the promise and hope associated with the many students who graduate each June?

*Is it that our bodies relax and soak in the warmer temperatures?

*Could it be that June is the start of the summer season and subconsciously we are looking forward to a time of year that could be equated to our “blossom” season as human beings, just as flowers blossom in the summertime?


Maybe it is a little bit of all of those reasons. Maybe it is something completely different. But whatever it is, there is something special about days in June.


As I write this piece on June 2nd there are four full weeks left in June, 2016 -- 28 more days. How are you going to spend your time during these rare June days? And isn’t it interesting that we refer to our use of the resource of time as “spending” it. In order to spend something, we must have something of value to actually spend in the first place. In the case of a day in June, that something that we get to spend is our precious resource of time. But not just any time – time in a month when nature is blossoming with beauty, many of us have vacations away from our daily burdens of work, and the weather outside is often the idyllic 75 and sunny. Ah, summer fever – catch it, it lasts a lifetime!


Days in June may make it easier for us to walk around with a little more pep in our step. My challenge to you is to carry a little slice of June inside of you all the year through no matter what the elements outside may be – and to radiate that inner glow that comes with the joy that a day in June brings. This sentiment is shared in Matthew 5:16: “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Basically, when you have a reason to carry within you that inner light, whether it be the everlasting light from God or the contentment of enjoying a June day, make sure you let it shine brightly.


This June, take a couple minutes out of each one of your days to simply be, and enjoy the rare gift that comes with a day in June. There is truly nothing so rare.







Shane Hansen, Christian Life Coach, LLC

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