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What Others are Saying

"Shane Hansen exudes integrity, respect, and professionalism throughout his daily work and he doesn't just 'talk the talk', he 'walks the walk' as well! Shane was very helpful in collaborating with me to look at my professional and personal responsibilities and to come up with a better balance. Shane has an outstanding sense of what is the 'right work,' paired with an outstanding work ethic. These qualities are at the heart of Shane's success." 


"Shane Hansen has an understanding of what is truly meaningful in life. His ability to build relationships based on listening and trust lead you to find what you truly value in life. He does this with the utmost professionalism and integrity. Shane is a positive leader who is encouraging and patient, yet he challenges you to be better in everything you do. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Shane and value the relationship we have today." 


"Shane Hansen recently did a presentation for our non-profit organization, Great Marriages. Our mission is to strengthen and enrich marriages to help keep families healthy and together. Shane did a wonderful presentation on goal based relationship skills that fit perfectly with our mission. Several of the participants remarked how engaging of a speaker Shane is and how practical and applicable the skills he teaches are. I have already applied several of the things he spoke about in my own relationship. He has a personality that makes you quickly comfortable with him and he is great at really listening to people. He leads by listening and trying to get to know you, not by talking about himself. I would personally recommend anyone to seek out Shane for his Christian Life Coaching services!" 


"Shane Hansen is amazing! When Shane first started coaching me he made sure he took his time and it really helped to ease my nervousness I was having. I knew what life coaching was about but it was my first time ever being coached. As we went through several sessions I was just amazed at the process. I went in thinking I needed help in one area but soon discovered things that were right in front of me that I just could not see on my own. It was like he somehow opened a door revealing the answers.

I don't know how else to describe the feeling I had, other than describing it again as amazing. The direction and clarity I gained is still having positive effects on my life." 


"Effective. Efficient. Enjoyable.

Shane Hansen made our business retreat all of the above. Shane was a highlight for our retreat (as he) gave us stories and analogies that we could easily relate to personally and professionally to help us achieve higher productivity. Taking the time to sit and listen to Shane truly gave us the ability to 'sharpen our saws' in a leap forward to reach our goals. I would highly recommend Shane for any business retreat when looking for harmony in work/life balance, and satisfaction at work. Thank you Shane, and God bless!" 


"Thanks Shane for being the Christ-following man He has made you to be for others. It has been a blessing to have you as my coach. The last few sessions you have helped me with getting rid of burn-out and exploring the benefits of internal motivation. I have found it helpful to my soul to be working with you and Jesus as we set my compass to the True North." 


"Hi, my name is Eric and I'm a procrastinator. It has been with me my whole life but this last year Shane has coached me on developing and sticking to realistic goals for life and ministry. I always appreciate his patient, respectful and yet direct way of approaching our coaching conversations. I would not have been able to get as many things done without the Lord's blessing and Shane's coaching." 


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